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Why Would the Most Successful Private Companies Use a Specifically Tailored Advisory Board?

Quite simply— it makes good sense.

And even the most cost-benefit focused doubters should acknowledge that the empirical evidence supports such a specifically tailored Advisory Board.

How do I know?

Utilizing the knowledge developed during my three decades as a business attorney as well as my training in leadership, strategy, and tactics at and as an officer in the U.S. Army, I devoted hundreds of hours compiling and examining a wide range of business and academic research on the subject. My findings and analysis led me to conclude that a specially designed, tailored and led “Next Level” focused Advisory Board should be an imperative for private middle-market companies—so I decided to form and lead a company devoted to just that.

While I want Company owners, legal boards of directors, and CEOs to hire Hubbard Business S.A.E.-Inc. (the S.A.E. standing for Strategy and Execution, Adaptation, and Evolution) to design, implement, and lead a “Next Levels” focused Advisory Board, this only makes sense if we have a very high likelihood of being effective for each unique client. With this in mind, I will share some observations. These should provide you value and be a catalyst for us to meet to discuss your goals and challenges—and to help you decide whether my firm and I and my “Next Level” focused Advisory Board (one designed, implemented and led for you) can genuinely help your firm advance your further growth, profitability and value, as well as help you and your leaders navigate the compliance, ethical, cultural, and other business minefields existing in today’s 21st Century business world.

10 Key Business Points

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